Tuesday, 24 May 2011

An Introduction

Moose moose moose moose, moose moose moose moose.....

Oh, Hi! I'm Marlon, the literary moose. Well, technically I'm a cuddly moose who reads a lot, but literary moose sounds better.

That's me. I'm owned by a journalism student who reads a LOT, and seeing as she's out a lot I fill up the time by reading the books she's left out. I can't reach the bookshelf (I'm only little), but she's not very tidy so that doesn't matter.

I've "borrowed" her computer to start this blog (and let me tell you, working a mouse with paws isn't easy. And don't even get me started on typing). I'll give my opinions of the books I read along with whatever else grabs my attention at the time.

Oh, And I'll probably waggle my antlers at you. Apparently I do that a lot.

1 comment:

  1. Hello! I'm Theodore, Amy's toy dragon.

    I just wanted to say - try typing with wings. I win. :P

    Love, Theo xx